The First Life Cycle Cost Software in Malaysia!


Evaluate the whole life cost of an asset from inception to disposal.

LCCsoft is a life cycle cost software which analyses total cost of ownership of asset over its economic life span for better decision-making process. This user-friendly software can be applied at various stages throughout project cycle including budget planning, investment appraisal, asset procurement and even facilities management.

Increase Asset's Service Life and Performance for a Lower Whole Life Cost


Life Cycle Cost Analysis

Net Present Value Technique, Inflation Factor, Comparative Analysis. Sensitivity Analysis.

Cost Database

Historical Records, Trend Analysis, Elemental Cost Breakdown, Operation & Maintenance Activities.

Value-Added Result

Cost & Time Variables, Cost per Unit Analysis, Cost Breakdown Percentage, Cashflow Tabulation.

User Friendly

Accessible anywhere & anytime, Independent Platform, Unlimited Usage, Maximum Data Protection.


Monthly Rate

RM 350 /month


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